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Wesley Bowman, MSEd, LPC offers caring therapy and wellness coaching to help clients throughout Northern Colorado. Wes works with both children and adults, using a client-centered, individually-tailored approach. 

Wes has been trained to effectively utilize a variety of treatment approaches, including the latest evidence-based interventions for alleviating depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms. In addition to being trained and licensed as a mental health therapist, Wes has received formal education in holistic healing, a variety of philosophical traditions, life coaching, mind-body wellness, and meditative practices. Wes is acquainted with a variety of spiritual traditions and, if applicable, is able to work within the core beliefs of clients. He has received recognition for his work on abuse, presented at academic conferences, and contributed to published research. 

Psychotherapy  and wellness coaching online 

Wesley Bowman, MSEd, LPC

1182-C Graves Ave., Ste. 2

Estes Park, CO 80517


1136 E. Stuart St., Ste. 2240

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Phone: 970-238-0268

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