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A Philosophy of Balance

Wes has found that therapy and coaching are most effective when they are Holistic, Integrative, and Psychodynamic.

Holistic - Services should consider the client as a whole in addressing their concerns. The client's current challenges are viewed within the framework of their cultural influences, life experiences, familial relationships, lifestyle choices, interpersonal patterns, spiritual beliefs, genetic makeup, and many other factors. The client experiences this as a tailored approach that respects their ethnic background, religious practices, and unique perspective. Holistic services also allow the client, if they desire, to increase the benefits of their sessions through the use of meditative practices, herbal teas, an exercise regimen, nutritional improvements, and/or other holistic practices.

Integrative - Services should respect the past 125 years of psychological and sociological research, identifying and integrating the core factors that lead to mental and emotional wellness. This approach synthesizes the most effective elements of psychoanalysis, attachment theory, neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, trauma research, and Eastern and Western philosophy. It provides the client a research-based approach, in which the therapist/client relationship is valued, and the client's worldview is paramount. 

Psychodynamic - Services should help the client see themselves and their world with clarity of vision. The psychodynamic approach allows the client to make connections between the past and present, while mindfully creating their future. This provides for a caring therapist/client relationship that fosters long term results.

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